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Industrial Machinery

High Torque Capacity for Extended Operating Cycles in Industrial Machinery

Belden’s Universal Joints are widely used in industrial machinery. Our needle-bearing u-joints are designed to operate at high angles and RPM. We also develop high-torque universal joints by making modifications to the yoke profile and using high-grade materials and selective hardening. While the basic function of the universal joint remains the same, the enhanced mechanical properties extend the operating life of the u joint. Assemblies can be manufactured with lubricant retaining boots if required. Special materials or surface finishes can be applied to the u joint or telescoping drive shaft components to enhance performance in harsh environments. 

Our industrial universal joints can be modified into complete drive shaft assemblies with a telescoping feature and spring load for easy on/easy off installation. End hubs can be bored for any inside diameter and depth, in through-bore or blind -bore configurations for added strength.

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