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Customer Applications

Spring-Loading, High-Strength Drive Shaft

Spring loading, high strength drive shafts

This pin & block (friction-bearing) drive shaft was constructed with high-strength design, accommodating high-torque applications and larger shaft diameters. It has a special, low-diameter sleeve, supporting an unusually long coilover spring, necessitated by the short overall length and amount of stroke and force involved.

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Splined Double
Universal Joint

Splined double universal joint

Used in a conveyor system, this 1.25” OD double universal joint with spline shafts was manufactured from high-grade alloy steel and zinc-plated for corrosion resistance. Apart from the splines, all exposed areas of the joint were spray-coated with ARDOX corrosion-inhibiting compound.

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Stainless Steel Universal Joint with Special Pin Bores

Stainless steel universal joint with special pin bores

This 3.75” long, 1” diameter pin & block universal joint is machined from AISI 303 stainless steel yokes and 416L pins & blocks, for corrosion resistance in a pipeline application. The special pin-bores with milled seating areas for the pins are notably different from regular pin bores.

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Short-Coupled, High-Strength Double Universal Joint

Short coupled, high strength double universal joint

 This 2.5” OD double universal joint features a short-coupled and very compact yoke profile, providing maximum possible strength to the design. With a 0.77-inch center section and an overall length of just 7.5 inches, it offers a great solution for applications where both strength and tight machine space are important considerations. View Resources

Telescopic Drive Shaft with Ball Spline

Telescopic drive shaft

This booted telescopic drive shaft was developed for a testing application operating with significant axial movement during operation. It has been designed with a ball spline along the center of the shaft. The ball spline is well-suited for high-precision operations with continuous axial movement over pronounced distances, at significant speeds.

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Custom Linkage Joint for Outdoor Application

Custom linkage joint

Belden has developed this custom universal joint for an exterior linkage application. Since the joint is exposed to outdoor elements, it is wholly manufactured from AISI303 stainless steel for corrosion resistance. Both hubs feature a threaded bore. The component was outfitted with an offset block for maximum angle and articulation.

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Aluminum Universal Joint for High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Aluminum universal joint

This 1.25” single universal joint was developed from 7075-T651 grade aluminum, delivering a high strength-to-weight ratio. Needle bearings were required for reduced friction and backlash over extended periods of time. The right end was designed with a ‘cone-shaped’ hub connection and a keyway, in order to lock the joint in place.

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Telescoping Drive Shaft with Nylon Cover

Telescoping drive shaft with nylon cover

The customer's previously used product often suffered from worn-out spline shafts since the application required the shaft to extend and compress in operation. The drive shaft was also lacking proper lubrication, since the application did not allow space for a lubricant retaining boot.

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Fully Booted Drive Shaft with Clamp Hubs

Fully booted drive shaft with clamp hubs

This telescopic drive shaft is almost entirely encased in nitrile boots. The yokes and other exposed components were manufactured from AISI 303 stainless steel. The clamp hubs with blind bores and keyways ensure easy installation.

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Valve Actuation Joint with Custom Compression Spring

Valve actuation joint

This stainless steel universal joint with a 2-inch OD was custom designed for a remotely-operated valve actuation project. The female end of the joint is mounted on a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), with the male end actuating the valve.

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Corrosion Resistant Universal Joint - Bronze Pins & Block

Corrosion resistant universal joint with bronze pins & block

Due to outdoor exposure, the yokes of this 2” OD single universal joint were manufactured from corrosion-resistant 316L stainless steel. The pins & blocks were machined from to aluminum-bronze, a material that is highly suitable for friction reduction, in addition to its corrosion resistant properties.

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Internally Spring-Loaded High-Strength Drive Shaft

internally spring loaded drive shaft

This telescoping alloy-steel drive shaft was designed with high-strength construction to handle higher torque loads. The hubs have been heat-treated for increased strength. For additional durability, the ends were outfitted with 'blind bores' to a specified depth, rather than fully through-machined. The shaft is internally spring loaded, in order to accommodate an oversized hex shaft, and to keep the components confined to the shaft.

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Leveler Strength Telescoping Drive Shaft

leveler strength telescoping drive shaft

This exceptional drive shaft features a carefully designed spring loading function, built into the hex shaft. The hex shaft is integral to its inbound yoke, meaning, the yoke and hex shaft are machined from one continuous piece of material. The hub bores are blind. Yokes are manufactured from AISI 4142 alloy steel; the pins and blocks are made from AISI 8620 alloy steel. The joints as well as the hex shaft are outfitted with Nitrile lubricant-retaining boots.

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Universal Joint with Flange Connection

Universal joint with flange connection

This 2.5” OD universal joint was customized with a flange connection and a mating part to suit mounting and installation requirements. A lubrication distribution system and fittings were added for re-lubrication after washdowns. Belden has designed special pins and fittings that aid the distribution of the lubricant to each plain bearing.

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