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Universal Joints Overview

Belden universal joints are globally recognized for their precision and durability. Our top-tier design engineers specialize on customizing our components for unusually complex applications and harsh environments.

  • Universal Joints  (also called cardan joints) are coupling devices that transmit torque and rotary motion from one shaft to another at fixed or varying angles of intersection.
  • Double Cardan Joints may be recommended in situations where a single universal joint can't compensate for the misalignment between driving and driven shafts.
  • Drive Shafts offer an ideal solution for overcoming even more pronounced misalignments and distances.

Belden's universal joints can be classified based on:

a.) Component Design

b.) Configuration

c.) Bearing Type

Make your selection below to read more about each joint type, and view available products in each category.


a.) Universal Joints by Component Design

Depending on the design type, our universal joints are constructed with a combination of pin sizes, snap rings, rivets, crosses and bearings. Operational criteria such as RPM, torque, angle, environmental and other factors will determine which specific design is most appropriate for each application.

Heavy duty universal joint

Heavy Duty

Standard universal joints, built with blocks and large & small diameter pins.


High strength universal joint

High Strength

For high-torque applications, built with long & short pins and rivet or cap screw.


leveler strength universal joint

Leveler Strength

Reinforced yokes, pins & blocks for extreme torque requirements.


needle bearing universal joint


Cross & Bearing design enables continuous operation at high RPM.


stainless steel universal joint

Stainless Steel

Standard or specialty stainless joints for corrosive or sterile environments.


Military standard universal joint

Military Standard

QPL approved specialty joints; meet or exceed MIL-DTL-6193 standard.





miniature universal joints

Miniature Universal Joints

Miniature Universal Joints for medical and other applications







b.) Universal Joints by Configuration

single universal joint

Single Universal Joints

Maximum operating angle of 45°. Available in all above design types.


double universal joint

Double Universal Joints

Maximum operating angle of 90° for overcoming misalignments.


telescopic drive shaft

Telescopic Drive Shafts

Features axial sliding function. Bridges greater distances and misalignments.



c.) Universal Joints by Bearing Type

pin & block universal joint

Pin & Block (Plain Bearing)

Friction-bearing universal joints for standard applications.


Cross-type needle-bearing universal joint

Cross-Type Needle-Bearing

Cross & bearing design delivers long service-life at high RPM.


pin & block type needle-bearing universal joint

Pin & Block Type Needle-Bearing

Hybrid construction supports high speed and side loads.


Additional Options

Booted Universal Joints
Boot Covers

Bar Stock for Universal Joints
Special Materials

Universal Joint Materials
Coatings & Platings

Universal joint machining options
Machining Options


Specialty Universal Joint Solutions

Belden is in the forefront of undertaking custom product development for challenging applications with universal joint coupling. Our engineering and production teams bring even the most complex universal joint solution within reach.


Custom Universal joint


High-Complexity Solutions with a Large Variety of Design Features

Click to find out more about our custom universal joints