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Heavy Duty Universal Joints (Inch Bore)

Belden's Heavy-Duty universal joints are high-quality joints for a variety of standard applications with moderate loads and RPM. They feature friction (plain) bearing design, with large & small pins and snap rings. manufactured from high-grade alloy steel for increased durability and better performance than standard industrial-grade models. Components are selectively heat treated, precision machined and ground to close tolerances. The Heavy Duty universal joint provides exceptional service life for demanding applications. All joints are available with or without a lubricant retaining boot.


  • Breaking Torque: 11-12,429 N-m for Single and 10-11,186 N-m for Double Joints
  • Operating Speed: up to 1000 RPM (depending on lubrication)
  • Friction (plain) bearing construction
  • Large-pin small-pin design with snap ring
  • High-grade alloy steel
  • Hardened & ground yoke ears, pins and blocks
Heavy Duty Single Universal Joint

Heavy Duty Single Universal Joint

Heavy Duty Single Universal Joint - Exploded View

Heavy Duty Single Universal Joint - Exploded View

Universal joints can be customized by bores, keyways, special hub configurations. They can be manufactured from a wide variety materials and finished with specialty coatings and platings. Components can be outfitted with lubricant retaining boots, containing specialty lubricants for a variety of industries and applications.

Customization options for universal joints: