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Universal Joints for Metal Processing

Adaptability and Performance for High Torque Operations

As today's metal processing lines are becoming more versatile and efficient, components are required to operate in increasingly tight envelopes. Belden's machined universal joint and drive shaft solutions adapt to these dynamic requirements, while delivering maximum strength and reliability during the extreme torque of metal processing applications. Our machined universal joints frequently outperform generic forged u joints for small operating envelopes used in modern metal processing equipment. 

Outperforms Competition

  • High Torque Capacity through Reinforced yet Streamlined Yoke Profile
  • High-Grade Alloy Steel
  • Hardened & Ground Block & Pins
  • Needle-Bearing Option for Minimizing Friction
  • Dry Lubricant Coating for Superior Performance
  • Lubricant Retaining Boots for Increased Lifetime
  • Fail-Safe Solution for Preventing Catastrophic Machine Failure
  • Outside Diameters of up to 8"  

Leveler strength universal joint

Leveler Strength Universal Joint

Unique, Spring-Loading Telescoping Drive Shaft, for Easy On-Off Operations

Unique, Spring-Loading Telescoping Drive Shaft, for Easy Installation


Overstressing Your Mill? Beware of the Weakest Link 

Universal Joint Upgrades are Necessary for High Speed, High Torque Applications

As published in the Tube & Pipe Journal


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